The Pilgrimage – Paulo Coelho

The good fight is the one that's fought in the name of our dreams ...

The first novel I ever read by Paulo Coelho was The Alchemist.  His text spoke to my heart in profound ways.  I was hooked!  I have read many of his novels and presently reading The Pilgrimage.  I feel to some degree, I am on my own individual “Pilgrimage”.  Things come to you when the time is right.

My friends we are in a time where our faith will carry us forward.  The higher power, universe and angels are by your side.  We must remember love, and not let fear influence us.  We are all feeling the effects of Corona Virus, however it is a time where humanity must all come together as a collective family.  Its time to heal, just as Mother Earth is experiencing.

Taken from The Pilgrimage, I share The Blue Sphere Exercise:

Seat yourself comfortably, and relax.  Try not to think about anything.

  1. Feel how good it is to be alive. Let your heart feel free and affectionate, let it rise above and beyond the details of the problems that my be bothering you.  Begin to sing softly a song from your childhood.  Imagine that your heart is growing, filling the room – and later your home – with an intense shining blue light.
  2. When you reach this point, begin to sense the presence of the saints (or other beings) in which you placed your faith when you were child.  Notice that they are present, arriving from everywhere, smiling and giving you faith and confidence.
  3. Picture the saints approaching you, placing their hands on your head and wishing you love, peace, and communion with the world – the communion of the saints.
  4. When the sensation becomes strong, feel that the blue light is a current that enters you and leaves you like a shining, flowing river.  This blue light begins to spread through your house, then through your neighborhood, your city, and your country; eventually envelops the world in immense blue sphere.  This is the manifestation of the great love that goes beyond the day-to-day struggle; it reinforces and invigorates, as it provides energy and peace.
  5. Keep the light spread around the world for as along as possible.  Your heart is open, spreading love.  This phase of the exercise should last for a minimum of five minutes.
  6. Come out of your trance, bit by bit, return to reality.  The saints will remain near.  The blue light will continue to spread around the world.

This ritual can and should be done with more than one person.  When this is the case, the participants should hold hands while they do this exercise.

I felt inclined to share this exercise as soon as I read it.   Perhaps it can shift the energy we are presently in, raising our vibration and Mother Earth’s as well.  Sending love and blessings xo





2 thoughts on “The Pilgrimage – Paulo Coelho”

  1. He thanks for writing this post. Even I was Hooked to Paulo Coelho’s books right after reading Alchemist and till now have loved all the books of his that I laid my hands on. I though haven’t read this one and now intend to read for sure. I will also practice this exercise you have so beautifully summarized out of his book.

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    1. Hi ya! Thanks soo much for your message I truly appreciate it! Paulo Coelho is an incredible writer, his books really have impacted my life in many ways. I am happy to see, many of us feel the same way!

      Your blog is incredible, good on you for doing what makes you happy! Are you on Pinterest? If so, I will add you to my travel board. Travel is to live!! Keep sharing and inspiring 🙂

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